RJL Celeste




Registration No: C284865  
Date of Birth: 3/31/13
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Measured Date:
Exposed to: Trail Drive
Price:  $
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Comments:  Two shots of mid 80" Starlight and two shots of 80" Tari Graves. It doesn't get much better than this. She also has the great Delta Van Horne in her pedigree. Her horns are going straight back out of her head and she has an amazing body to make her a total package heifer.



(out of Starlight)
  Tejas Star Delta Van Horne
CDC Startex Texana Everywhere Starliner
(out of Starlight)
      Eversharp (by Roundup)
      Dixie Thunder
  Chuckwagon Tari Graves FM49
CB Tari's Zenith RHF Almond Joy Emperor
      Tari Graves FM49