Shamrock Eternal Hope




Registration No: CTI273073  
Date of Birth: 8/23/10
Tip to Tip:  89
Measured Date: 4/12/18
Exposed to: Trail Drive
Price:  $SOLD
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Comments:  There are very few cows in the breed that look like Hope. She has been a standout with her extremely lateral laid-back twist. We believe her to be one of the very best Sittin Bull daughters out there and she has a powerhouse pedigree. She is loaded on both cow and bull power with some of the greatest producing legends of all time. Her $80,000 and 89" T2T (with multiple inches tipped) dam is one of my favorite cows and is one of the best prodicing cows in the industry with several mid 90" daughters. Hope is a total package cow with her 1200 pound thick frame, her soon to be 90" spread and is a real sweetheart letting you pet her. Few cows like this exist.

She sells bred to the 90" World Horn Champion in T2T Trail Drive who is out of the 90" plus Barbie's Doll from the very coveted Outback Barbie family. Think of the color this calf will have and all the horn genetics. Probably the most exciting calf we have ever bred.



      Hunts Emperor
  Hunts Command Respect Miss Rodeo America
Sittin Bull Hashbrown Roundup
  Don Julio Delta Diamond
ECR Eternal Tari 206 Eternally Tari Circle K Donovan
      Tari Graves FM49