RJL Miss Kansa Bar BQ




Registration No: CI271350  
Date of Birth: 01/18/09
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Exposed to: Trail Drive
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Comments:  Here is a beautiful young cow with an outstanding pedigree for horn. She has a lot going for her with her great body size, color, and extreme early horn growth. She will turn into a great foundation cow.

This is what Bar B Q is all about. He is known for his outstanding daughters and we believe this is one of his great ones. You have to see this cow in person to really appreciate her amazing horn and body size. Oh, and her color is absolutely stunning.

Millennium Futurity eligible.

33 1/2 at 12 mos
36 1/8 at 13.5 mos
38 7/8 at 14.5 mos
54 at 22 mos.



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