Rialito Chic ST




Registration No: C215547  
Date of Birth: 2/28/03
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Exposed to: Trail Drive
Price:  $
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Comments:  Rialito Chic ST is another one of the great foundation cows of our herd and is a top producing Chuckwagon daughter. I can't say enough about what Chuckwagon has done. Rialito Chic has a body that could win any show and horns that are into the 70's T2T. But what we are really excited about is her production. Every calf she has had to date is either over 70" T2T or predicting into the 70's or 80's. This is a cow that you can bet the bank will produce home runs every time. Her horns have a gentle roll to them that set back out of her head. She brings in the much sought after Rita 2 cow who was one of the McGill ranch greats.

The proof is in the production....

6/2/06 - FL Rio Maxine - 75" T2T - Sold twice for over $35,000 (total)
(6-time Horn Champion and producer of 5-time Horn Champion son, Horn Champion daughter and Winchester Futurity Champion)

8/2/08 - Rialito Ranger - 70" T2T @ 3yrs
'10 - Blue Grass
'10 - C9 Sweet Chic - 60" @ 2yrs
'11 - Bold Caliber (One of our future bulls)



  Dixie Thunder Delta Society
Chuckwagon Tari Graves FM49 MR. Graves
      Texas Tari FM610
  Roundup Brandy
Rita 2 Eveready Tabasco