Saw Dust




Registration No: C211636  
Date of Birth: 2/12/02
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Exposed to: Trail Drive
Price:  $
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Comments:  I want to say a GREAT big Thank You to the master breeder, Mr. Owen McGill, my closest friend, mentor and partner for allowing my greatest dream of all to come true. Saw Dust has been my all-time favorite cow in the world for as long as I can remember. This not only is the mom to the famous world record breaking Trail Dust, she is the mom to 3 bulls that are over 70" T2T. She was the 3rd cow in the world to do that, but the only cow to have 2 of the 3 over 100" TH as well. Her other famous son was the late great Buzz Saw who was syndicated for $150,000 right before his tragic accident that claimed his life at the young age of 4 years old with a world class measurement of 77" T2T.

This cow along with Hashbrown are two of the greatest foundation cows of all time. Saw Dust is the best daughter of Chuckwagon in the industry in my eyes. Her track record for producing champions is second to none.

Saw Dust is the new Queen of the herd and I am greatly honored to have this legendary cow join my program. Her grand-dam, Tari Graves, was one of the greatest cows of all time and measured over 81" T2T. Saw Dust will go down in history as one of the GREATS of the breed.

No picture can truly capture the true size of this cow. She is the biggest bodied cow in my herd and yet remains completely feminine and elegant. Her horns roll way back out of her head and are very thick from the base all the way out. I have seen a lot of cows in my day, but none give me chills like this one does when I see her walking across the pasture. She is true Cow Power. Note. She tipped 3" off of her left horn several years ago.



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