RJL Zip It




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Date of Birth: 2/3/15
Tip to Tip:  60 at 24
Measured Date:
Exposed to:  Xtreme Tuff
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Comments:  Talk about a complete heifer. Zip It is just what we knew Big Wig would produce for us. Beautiful long bodied, tall legged, graceful heifers just like this. Take a look at that pedigree. Her sire is over 87" T2T and she is double bred 87" Top Caliber. Then cows like over 80" Kool Whip and two shots of the great 81" T2T Tari Graves. Super cows like Carnival and two shots of Hashbrown. She is linebred 4 times to the industry legend Hunts Command Respect. She is a clone of her mother Zipper. Her horns lay back into what will be a beautiful horn set one day soon.



      Hunts Command Respect
  Top Caliber Hashbrown
Big Wig Kool Whip Hunts Command Respect
      Carnival (by Chuckwagon)
      Hunts Command Respect
  Top Caliber Hashbrown
Zipper Button Hunts Command Respect
      Kay Lynn (by Chuckwagon)