RJL Real Feisty




Registration No: CI284852  
Date of Birth: 2/23/13
Tip to Tip:  75
Measured Date:
Exposed to:  RJL Flint Rock
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Comments:  Here is another fantastic product of the powerful Eggnog family. This young female is on her way to big things. She is heavy bred to Bandera Chex for her first calf and we can't wait to see the Poco Lady BL cross added in to the amazing cow families imbedded in her pedigree. She is as close to perfect as we can find and is another testament to the power behind The Real McCoy. She was well over 60" before her second birthday.



      Hunts Command Respect
  Top Caliber Hashbrown
The Real McCoy Smoky Moon Hunts Command Respect
      Sage Hen 02
      Dixie Thunder
  Chuckwagon Tari Graves FM49
RJL Festive Eggnog Hunts Command Respect
      Hay Hook