Shamrock Eternal Hope




Registration No: CTI273073  
Date of Birth: 8/23/10
Tip to Tip:  mid 80s
Measured Date:
Exposed to:  RJL Flint Rock
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Comments:  This beautiful Sittin Bull daughter has a powerhouse pedigree. She is loaded on both cow and bull power with some of the greatest producing legends of all time. Her $80,000 and 86" T2T dam is one of my favorite cows and she goes back to 81" Tari Graves, Delta Diamond, Hashbrown and Hashknife to name a few. Hope is already predicting high 80's T2T and we fully expect to reach that at a young age.



      Hunts Emperor
  Hunts Command Respect Miss Rodeo America
Sittin Bull Hashbrown Roundup
  Don Julio Delta Diamond
ECR Eternal Tari 206 Eternally Tari Circle K Donovan
      Tari Graves FM49