Van Horne




Registration No: CTI268246  
Date of Birth: 9/17/09
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Comments:  This rare breeding is the only daughter of Delta Van Horne and Top Caliber in the world. She is a result of crossing the best from the two master breeders that pushed our industry ahead by light years... Owen McGill and Johnnie Hoffman. Top Caliber will go down in history as one of the greatest bulls of all time and Delta Van Horne is already known as one of the greatest cows off all time. This cow has a genetic mix that we feel is the most powerful of all time. You just can't stack cattle in a pedigree with super star producers any better than this. It's no wonder Van Horne at such a young age has already climbed the charts as one of the best producers in the program. Her first born son, Trail Boss, will cross over 80" T2T in his 3rd year. We have a couple daughters out of this great cow who have already risen to the top of their class as well. We build on cow power and we feel this young cow will go down in history as a game changer.

She is the tallest cow on the place. It's hard to tell from just pictures the true structure and depth she possesses. She also is one of the best milkers on the place which the Emperor line is very well noted for. She not only has everything a true cowman would look for she also has what every longhorn breeder craves and that's horn.



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