Kool Whip




Registration No: CI227513  
Date of Birth: 1/1/05
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Measured Date:
Exposed to:  RJL Flint Rock
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Comments:  Kool Whip is what foundations are built on. She is complete in every way. From her heavy, twisty horn spread to her thick and deep body this cow is all it. She is well into the 80's T2T, but the best thing is she passes that on. She is the dam to Big Wig who is near 90" T2T and would have been over 90" by now had he not tipped some horn. This cow right here is the reason our Big Wig daughters are so nice. We build on cow power. Kool Whip is out of the super cow Carnival and goes back to 81" Tari Graves and the mega producer Torch.



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