EOT Outback Barbie




Registration No: C223578  
Date of Birth: 4/2/04
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Comments:  This is the definition of a longhorn cow. Outback Barbie is a super cow when it comes to producers. We are all about production here at RJL and for those that know us...we only have cows that earn their keep. This big, beautiful, and twisty horned, total package cow is a mega producer. She has at least 5 Top Caliber daughters that are over 80" T2T with most being in the mid 80's T2T and all on their way to the 90's T2T. She is a donor cow in our embryo program. Check out several of her daughters in our program.



  Overlord CP Kimco 5
Boomerang CP Indian Girl 636 Buckshot
      Kickapoo Farms 185
  Phenomenon Doherty 698
Pheno Barbie Ace's Satin Doll Monarch 103
      JW's Queen of Spots