The Real McCoy




Registration No: BI81409  
Date of Birth: 2/4/09
Tip to Tip:  86
Died from lightning
Measured Date:
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Comments:  I can't tell you how excited I am about The Real McCoy. This guy lives up to his name well as he is the Real Deal. His sire is the record breaking 87" T2T world famous McGill bull, Top Caliber, and his mom is one of the most beautiful cows I've ever seen. McCoy has put the most consistent heifer crop on the ground that we've ever had. He is a heifer producing bull...Lots of maternal greats here.

He has the most stunning, deep, rich, red, chocolate color of any animal I've seen and he passes that onto his beautiful paint colored calves. His horn is what really shines tho. He is a true total package bull and one that will make a big name in the industry. Thank you Mr. Owen McGill for letting me use this awesome bull.



      Hunts Emperor
  Hunts Command Respect Miss Rodeo America
Top Caliber Hashbrown Roundup
      Hunts Emperor
  Hunts Command Respect Miss Rodeo America
Smoky Moon Sage Hen 02 Roundup