Yogurt 73




Registration No: CI263955  
Date of Birth: 01/26/09
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Comments:  This is the largest horned heifer I have ever had on my place. When I first looked over the McGill herd, this is the heifer that made my eyes pop. All I ever talked about was this heifer for months after my first of many visits. She was my new goal of what I wanted my animals to look like. Thank you Owen for making my dreams come true about owning such an awesome animal.

This is an animal that I can build a whole lifetime of great cattle from. Her horns grow back in the most extreme backward angle I've ever seen.

Now lets talk pedigree. She combines the two most powerful horn producing cows in the McGill herd, Hashbrown and Hay Hook. Those two cows are responsible for having a part in producing the two longest horned bulls of all time. Trail Dust and Top Caliber. We can't wait to see what Yogurt will do on Trail Dust.



      Hunts Emperor
  Hunts Command Respect Miss Rodeo America
Top Caliber Hashbrown Roundup
      Hashknife (by Tabasco)
      Hunts Emperor
  Hunts Command Respect Miss Rodeo America
Eggnog Hay Hook Roundup
      Puddin (by Tabasco)