Big Wig
Registration No: BI81411
Date of Birth: 1/12/09
Tip to Tip:  87
4-Time Horn Champion
Semen $125
Top Caliber
Kool Whip
The Real McCoy
Registration No: BI81409
Date of Birth: 2/4/09
Tip to Tip:  83
Total Horn: 101
Top Caliber
Smoky Moon
Trail Drive
Registration No: BI92342
Date of Birth: 2/20/13
Tip to Tip: 
Trail Dust
Barbie's Doll
Trail Boss
Registration No: BI92343
Date of Birth: 3/10/13
Tip to Tip: 
Trail Dust
Van Horne
RJL Flint Rock
Registration No: BI89244
Date of Birth: 2/8/14
Tip to Tip:  67 @ 24 months
JP Rio Grande
Betty Van Horne
RJL Nighthawk
Registration No: BAI92386
Date of Birth: 2/20/14
Tip to Tip:  71
Hunts Command Respect
Xtreme Tuff
Registration No: BAI91042
Date of Birth: 6/11/15
Tip to Tip: 
Cowboy Tuff Chex
BL Halo